CZ Vz.47
Technical Specifications
Overall Lenght 1 070 mm
Manufacturer Ceska zbrojovka various plants
Barrel Lenght 500 mm Type piston with cocking lever
Sight Radius 480 mm Manufactured Pieces approx. 65 000
Weight 3,85 kg Production Period 1947-1950
Caliber 4,46 mm

Rear Sight Side View
Rear Sight Top View
Front Sight
Trigger and Trigger Guard

 Vz47 from first series marked as NB 50 (Národní Bezpecnost=National Police) manufactured in Zbrojovka Brno. Airgun is equipped with stock from war reserves of Mauser stocks, which have been adjusted for airguns Vz47. Stock is equipped with steel buttplate and has been shortened. Airgun is without barrel guard, upper holder is missing, sling swivel consist from two parts, it is possible to mount sling thus.